The project was originated by Mountains Music Company. Mountains Music Company has a Background of providing music production services. Its main Industry standard is 'Music'. The Design Brief had the client's requirement of a Bold, Natural yet simple and unique design. The idea was conveyed to provide a realistic, professional, and a bit of old school outlooking design. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords were - Mountains, Elegant, Simple, Minimalistic, Bold, Natural, Vintage, Gentle, Deep, Positive, Records.


The background check was done related to Mountains, Elegant, Simple, etc. Initially, the design started with several instruments like Guitar, Trumpet, Gramophone, etc. Later, the idea of using a Music disc was sparked. A typical Music Disc has made its own identity in the history of the Music Industry. Basic Structure of Logo then, included Mountains at the top, Music Disc at the bottom part presented using negative spacing. The Typography was Vintage look, Music records representation.

The design then proceeded for an appropriate font. In order to provide the design a Vintage look, multiple font options were viewed but the simple font would synchronize the best to the design. The Colour implemented was 'Pitch Black'. It was theorized to highlight the mountains, which provide a bold nature and music disc (used in Gramophone) was presented. The Pitch Black color represents Timelessness and value towards the audience. The red color, in the disc's center represents an attentive posture.

The design conveys an ideology of professionalism, swift services, prestige of Mountain Music Company. The design containing Mountains is visualized for Strong establishment and bold strategies. The Gramophone Disc at the bottom is presented to clarify the service in a significant way.