Soveli Nuria is a Spanish Vintage Art Gallery. Soveli Nuria makes sure to delivers truely memorable and artistic works to its audience. The Design Breif signifies a design that seems Vintage style art, have a Spanish feel, avoiding any objects like ribbons, frames or architectural figures and creating a clever version using the initials. The Primary Shortlisted keywords - Art, Vintage, Artistic, New, Eventual, Memorable, Spanish, Spain, Initials.


As per the background check, simple initial designs were observed and reviewed. The conpects were built that had mostly initials in different forms. One of the design was constructed as a Frame outlook of a picture. The design was then revised to be slightly heavier and shadow orientation to be identical. The revised design was a clever representation of the initials as the design seemed evenly appealing.

As the design was supposed to be as a Vintage Style and artistic resemblence colours like Pink, Orange could get synchronized. So, the Rusty Wine colour of the design made a Vintage outlook and artistic feel. To make a design unique and more than extraordinary, simple fonts blend in the best. With a Heavy Design, a Heavy and Extraordinary font doesn't fit so, the design look even better in simple and even eyecatchy if presented perfectly. The design encourages in visualizing an artistic, admirable, new and professional concept.