Verivola is a men and women appreal brand. The business has been serving more in men apparel and intends to develop accessories like watches, bags, etc in the future. Verivola is a successful startup by a team of fashion designers and provides mid-range services.

The company shared a Design Brief that expected a design that has been created using the initial 'V' and 'W', shall define luxurious, easy to use, and minimal. They also referred to some designs that were minimal, luxurious, and in solid colors. The important and Primary Shortlisted keywords were - Apparel, Luxurious, Minimal, Easy, Fashion, Initial.


Some of the background checks resulted in Initial type, Solid color designs. Two of the minimal and good looking designs one initial type and one symbolic type were shortlisted. A request was raised to try merging both shortlisted design and a positive outcome was being expected. The design was merged and after a few modifications the design outlook was finalized. The typography was suitably arranged as an Initial of letter 'V' and 'W' and the upper part of the design was inspired by a Stag's Antelers.

The design was appropriate and required Solid Colour suggestions in order to later easily used anywhere like Watches, Bags, Apparel, etc. The font was essential to take care as there weren't numerous fonts that looked good with the design. As per the design color, the same was used on the font but couldn't be identical. Using Black Colour for the font was suggested and was a perfect solution. The design conveys the presence of a professionality, mildness, happiness, and expertise.